The Body Mass Index (BMI) Chart and Calculation Explained


The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a medical screening tool that measures the relationship between your height and weight to estimate the amount of body fat you have. For most adults, a higher BMI typically means more body fat. Doctors often use BMI in combination with other indicators to gauge your overall health and risks.

BMI Ranges & Categorization

BMI ValueWeight Status
Below 18.5Underweight
18.5 – 24.9Normal Weight
25 – 29.9Overweight
30 – 34.9Class I Obesity
35 – 39.9Class II Obesity
40 and aboveClass III Obesity

BMI Chart Overview

In the chart below, green indicates the ideal range; yellow is slightly overweight; orange and red represent different levels of obesity. The chart initially showcases heights of 63 / 67 / 71 inches (160 / 170 / 180cm) with weight in pounds (lbs). Choose your height and refer to the chart to determine your BMI.

BMI58" (147cm)59" (150cm)60" (152cm)61" (155cm)62" (157cm)63" (160cm)64" (163cm)65" (165cm)66" (168cm)67" (170cm)68" (173cm)69" (175cm)70" (178cm)71" (180cm)72" (183cm)73" (185cm)74" (188cm)75" (191cm)76" (193cm)
1991 lb94 lb97 lb100 lb104 lb107 lb110 lb114 lb118 lb121 lb125 lb128 lb132 lb136 lb140 lb144 lb148 lb152 lb156 lb
2096 lb99 lb102 lb106 lb109 lb113 lb116 lb120 lb124 lb127 lb131 lb135 lb139 lb143 lb147 lb151 lb155 lb160 lb164 lb
21100 lb104 lb107 lb111 lb115 lb118 lb122 lb126 lb130 lb134 lb138 lb142 lb146 lb150 lb154 lb159 lb163 lb168 lb172 lb
22105 lb109 lb112 lb116 lb120 lb124 lb128 lb132 lb136 lb140 lb144 lb149 lb153 lb157 lb162 lb166 lb171 lb176 lb180 lb
23110 lb114 lb118 lb122 lb126 lb130 lb134 lb138 lb142 lb146 lb151 lb155 lb160 lb165 lb169 lb174 lb179 lb184 lb189 lb
24115 lb119 lb123 lb127 lb131 lb135 lb140 lb144 lb148 lb153 lb158 lb162 lb167 lb172 lb177 lb182 lb186 lb192 lb197 lb
25119 lb124 lb128 lb132 lb136 lb141 lb145 lb150 lb155 lb159 lb164 lb169 lb174 lb179 lb184 lb189 lb194 lb200 lb205 lb
26124 lb128 lb133 lb137 lb142 lb146 lb151 lb156 lb161 lb166 lb171 lb176 lb181 lb186 lb191 lb197 lb202 lb208 lb213 lb
27129 lb133 lb138 lb143 lb147 lb152 lb157 lb162 lb167 lb172 lb177 lb182 lb188 lb193 lb199 lb204 lb210 lb216 lb221 lb
28134 lb138 lb143 lb148 lb153 lb158 lb163 lb168 lb173 lb178 lb184 lb189 lb195 lb200 lb206 lb212 lb218 lb224 lb230 lb
29138 lb143 lb148 lb153 lb158 lb163 lb169 lb174 lb179 lb185 lb190 lb196 lb202 lb208 lb213 lb219 lb225 lb232 lb238 lb
30143 lb148 lb153 lb158 lb164 lb169 lb174 lb180 lb186 lb191 lb197 lb203 lb209 lb215 lb221 lb227 lb233 lb240 lb246 lb
31148 lb153 lb158 lb164 lb169 lb175 lb180 lb186 lb192 lb198 lb203 lb209 lb216 lb222 lb228 lb235 lb241 lb248 lb254 lb
32153 lb158 lb163 lb169 lb175 lb180 lb186 lb192 lb198 lb204 lb210 lb216 lb222 lb229 lb235 lb242 lb249 lb256 lb263 lb
33158 lb163 lb168 lb174 lb180 lb186 lb192 lb198 lb204 lb211 lb216 lb223 lb229 lb236 lb242 lb250 lb256 lb264 lb271 lb
34162 lb168 lb174 lb180 lb186 lb191 lb197 lb204 lb210 lb217 lb223 lb230 lb236 lb243 lb250 lb257 lb264 lb272 lb279 lb
35167 lb173 lb179 lb185 lb191 lb197 lb204 lb210 lb216 lb223 lb230 lb236 lb243 lb250 lb258 lb265 lb272 lb279 lb287 lb
36172 lb178 lb184 lb190 lb196 lb203 lb209 lb216 lb223 lb230 lb236 lb243 lb250 lb257 lb265 lb272 lb280 lb287 lb295 lb
37177 lb183 lb189 lb195 lb202 lb208 lb215 lb222 lb229 lb236 lb243 lb250 lb257 lb265 lb272 lb280 lb287 lb295 lb304 lb
38181 lb188 lb194 lb201 lb207 lb214 lb221 lb228 lb235 lb242 lb249 lb257 lb264 lb272 lb279 lb288 lb295 lb303 lb312 lb
39186 lb193 lb199 lb206 lb213 lb220 lb227 lb234 lb241 lb249 lb256 lb263 lb271 lb279 lb287 lb295 lb303 lb311 lb320 lb
40191 lb198 lb204 lb211 lb218 lb225 lb232 lb240 lb247 lb255 lb262 lb270 lb278 lb286 lb294 lb302 lb311 lb319 lb328 lb
41196 lb203 lb209 lb217 lb224 lb231 lb238 lb246 lb253 lb261 lb269 lb277 lb285 lb293 lb302 lb310 lb319 lb327 lb336 lb
42201 lb208 lb215 lb222 lb229 lb237 lb244 lb252 lb260 lb268 lb276 lb284 lb292 lb301 lb309 lb318 lb326 lb335 lb344 lb
43205 lb212 lb220 lb227 lb235 lb242 lb250 lb258 lb266 lb274 lb282 lb291 lb299 lb308 lb316 lb325 lb334 lb343 lb353 lb
44210 lb217 lb225 lb232 lb240 lb248 lb256 lb264 lb272 lb280 lb289 lb297 lb306 lb315 lb324 lb333 lb342 lb351 lb361 lb
45215 lb222 lb230 lb238 lb246 lb254 lb262 lb270 lb278 lb287 lb295 lb304 lb313 lb322 lb331 lb340 lb350 lb359 lb369 lb
46220 lb227 lb235 lb243 lb251 lb259 lb267 lb276 lb284 lb293 lb302 lb311 lb320 lb329 lb338 lb348 lb358 lb367 lb377 lb
47224 lb232 lb240 lb248 lb256 lb265 lb273 lb282 lb291 lb299 lb308 lb318 lb327 lb338 lb346 lb355 lb365 lb375 lb385 lb
48229 lb237 lb245 lb254 lb262 lb270 lb279 lb288 lb297 lb306 lb315 lb324 lb334 lb343 lb353 lb363 lb373 lb383 lb394 lb
49234 lb242 lb250 lb259 lb267 lb278 lb285 lb294 lb303 lb312 lb322 lb331 lb341 lb351 lb361 lb371 lb381 lb391 lb402 lb
50239 lb247 lb255 lb264 lb273 lb282 lb291 lb300 lb309 lb319 lb328 lb338 lb348 lb358 lb368 lb378 lb389 lb399 lb410 lb
51244 lb252 lb261 lb269 lb278 lb287 lb296 lb306 lb315 lb325 lb335 lb345 lb355 lb365 lb375 lb386 lb396 lb407 lb418 lb
52248 lb257 lb266 lb275 lb284 lb293 lb302 lb312 lb322 lb331 lb341 lb351 lb362 lb372 lb383 lb393 lb404 lb415 lb426 lb
53253 lb262 lb271 lb280 lb289 lb299 lb308 lb318 lb328 lb338 lb348 lb358 lb369 lb379 lb390 lb401 lb412 lb423 lb435 lb
54258 lb267 lb276 lb285 lb295 lb304 lb314 lb324 lb334 lb344 lb354 lb365 lb376 lb386 lb397 lb408 lb420 lb431 lb443 lb

Risks of Having Too High or Too Low BMI

A moderate amount of body fat helps with the absorption of vitamins and minerals. It also provides an energy source for your body, helps to regulate body temperature, and protects your organs.

  • A high BMI might increase your risk of certain diseases including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, depression, other mental health conditions, and certain cancers like colon, breast, endometrial, and gallbladder.
  • A low BMI could be linked to malnutrition and could increase risks of anemia, weakened immune system, osteoporosis, infertility, and more.

The standard BMI chart provided here is for adults only. It shouldn’t be used for children or teenagers. For weight recommendations based on your child’s age and height, it’s best to consult with their pediatrician.

How to Calculate Your BMI

You can determine your BMI by following these steps:

  • Multiply your weight (in pounds) by 703
  • Divide the result by your height (in inches)
  • Divide that answer again by your height (in inches)

For instance, if someone is 65 inches tall (5 feet 5 inches) and weighs 180 pounds, the calculation would show their BMI as 29.95, which falls slightly into the overweight category:

  • 180 x 703 = 126,540
  • 126,540 ÷ 65 = 1,946.769
  • 1,946.769 ÷ 65 = 29.95

Limitations of the BMI Index

While body fat and BMI are indicators, they aren’t the only factors in determining health. Various elements, like genetics, activity levels, smoking, alcohol consumption, and mental health, can affect your overall well-being and susceptibility to certain diseases. Don’t solely focus on your BMI.

Furthermore, BMI doesn’t distinguish between lean mass (everything in the body besides fat) and fat mass. For example, a bodybuilder might have a high BMI due to muscle mass, but low body fat.

Typically, the BMI is applicable to most adult men and women but shouldn’t be used for:

  • Athletes and bodybuilders
  • Children and teens
  • Pregnant individuals
  • People over 65
  • Those experiencing muscle loss or thinness due to health conditions
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