Free Tool to Layout Passport & Visa Photos for 4×6 Prints


This tool is perfect for laying out passport and visa photos on a 4×6 photo paper, which is the most common size and the cheapest to print at places like Walmart or CVS, costing only 12 to 39 cents. Compared to the typical “Passport photo” fees of 15 to 20 dollars charged in-store, this is a saving of about 100 times, and with the added benefit of being able to take your own photos with your phone until you get the perfect shot. For a complete guide of how to take your photo, remove the background, and crop it with the correct aspect ratio, please read this post.

4×6 Prints Layout Tool

– Max file size 1MB; minimum width 300px
– Supports jpg, jpeg, png


How to Use

  1. Select the photo you want to layout and make sure the aspect ratio is correct. For example, the US passport and visa photo should be 2 x 2 inches, so the aspect ratio is 1:1; while the Chinese passport and visa photo should be 33:48.
  2. Select the required size. For example, if you need US passport photos, please select the first option, which is 51 x 51 mm or 2 x 2″.
  3. Choose a border. This is to make it easier to cut after printing, with the default layout having gray borders separating multiple passport photos. You can choose to have no borders; or, if your background is gray, you can select a white border.
  4. Finally, click “Layout on 4 x 6 photo paper” to finish.

Common Sizes

Our photo layout tool currently supports the following common passport photo sizes. If your desired passport photo size is not listed here, please leave a message and we will consider adding it.

1.30 × 1.8933 × 48– Chinese passport/visa
– Macau visa
1.38 × 1.7735 × 45Passport/visa of many countries
1.57 × 1.5740 × 40n/a
1.57 × 1.9740 × 50Hong Kong passport
1.57 × 2.3640 × 60Vietnamese passport
1.77 × 1.7745 × 45Japanese visa
2 × 251 × 51US passport/visa
2 × 2.7650 × 70Canadian passport

Examples of Usage

Here are some test layouts created using our tool. For demonstration, we used President Biden’s official portrait, as you can read in this post.

Sample US passport photo of President Biden
Test 1: White background, gray border. US Passport/visa 2×2″, six photos perfectly fit on a 4×6 photo paper.
Test 2: Blue background, gray border; UK passport/visa size (35×45 mm), eight photos with some extra space on a 4×6 photo paper.
Test 3: Gray background, white border; Chinese passport/visa (33×48 mm), nine photos with some extra space on a 4×6 photo paper.
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