Top 7 Space Heater in the U.S. Market to Help You Stay Warm and Cozy


In my home, we use gas central heating. However, after experiencing a severe cold spell that froze our pipes, I understood the value of owning a portable heater. These “space heaters” are popular for their mobility, energy efficiency, and affordability, and below are the top 7 choices.

Top Pick: Vornado VH2

Vornado consistently ranks high across various platforms, making it a trustworthy choice. The Vornado VH2 effectively distributes warmth in a medium-sized room, similar to a compact furnace. Its small footprint means you can place it virtually anywhere.

Users often commend its silent operation, perfect for uninterrupted sleep. The outer plastic remains cool, ensuring safety for families with children or pets. Vornado guarantees 5-year support, and their customer service is accessible for any issues.

Vornado VH2 Whole Room Space Heater, Linen
819 Reviews
Vornado VH2 Room Heater


  • Size: 9.5 x 11.8 x 11.9 inches (DWH)
  • Heating: Forced Air
  • Features: Tip-over safety, dual modes, adjustable thermostat

Best Value: Lasko Ceramic Heater 754200

The Lasko Ceramic Heater 754200, priced at roughly one-third of the Vornado VH2, is ideal for those new to space heaters. Its compact design fits snugly in small areas, making it perfect for individual heating rather than an entire room.

Consider it your personal warmth source. It’s perfect if you feel cold while others prefer cooler temperatures. Users appreciate its quick heating, dependability, and portability.

Lasko 754201 Small Portable 1500W Electric Ceramic Space Heater with Tip-Over Safety Switch, Overheat Protection, Thermostat and Extra Long...
3,300 Reviews
Lasko Ceramic Heater


  • Size: 6 x 3.7 x 9.2 inches (DWH)
  • Heating: Ceramic
  • Features: Overheat safety, 11 heat modes, fan-only option

Best for Bedrooms: Honeywell HHF360V

The Honeywell HHF360V, while equally esteemed as the previous heaters, stands out for its 360-degree warmth distribution.

Due to its ability to provide even heating, it’s perfect for bedrooms, ensuring uniform warmth rather than a direct heat stream.

Honeywell HHF360V 360 Degree Surround Fan Forced Heater with Surround Heat Output Charcoal Grey Energy Efficient Portable Heater with...
7,204 Reviews
Honeywell HHF360V Portable Heater


  • Size: 8 x 8 x 11.5 inches (DWH)
  • Heating: Forced Air
  • Features: Overheat and tip-over safety, dual heat modes

Dual Function – Heater & Air Purifier: Dyson HP01 Pure Hot + Cool

Several Dyson models offer combined heating, cooling, and HEPA air purification. While they’re pricier, the multi-functionality and aesthetic design make them a valuable purchase.

This dual-purpose device has garnered excellent reviews, particularly for its benefits for those with allergies.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ HP01 Air Purifier, Heater & Fan - White/Silver
Dyson HP01 Purifier & Heater Combo


  • Size: 6 x 8.7 x 24.9 inches (DWH)
  • Heating: Oscillating Forced Ventilation
  • Features: Tip-over safety, HEPA air purification, sleep timer, 10 modes

Ideal for Large Rooms: DeLonghi Ceramic Tower Heater

This rotating tower heater is great for warming expansive areas like big bedrooms or living areas. It provides extensive heating, covering a wide range both vertically and horizontally.

Many users praise its quiet functionality and appreciate the remote control and digital display.

DeLonghi Ceramic Tower Space Heater, portable quiet 1500 Electric Space Heater for indoor use, timer, remote, ECO energy efficient, safety...
1,103 Reviews
De’Longhi Tower Heater


  • Size: 7.5 x 8.7 x 23.6 inches (DWH)
  • Heating: Ceramic
  • Features: ECO mode, remote, timer, safety features

Design Excellence: Vornado VHeat Vintage Metal Heater

For those who appreciate retro designs, the Vornado VHeat Vintage Metal Heater is perfect, blending well with both old and modern interiors.

Alongside its aesthetic appeal, it’s also highly functional, delivering ample heat in small areas.

Vornado VHEAT Vintage Metal Heater, Green, Whole Room
814 Reviews
Vornado VHEAT Heater


  • Size: 13.7 x 11 x 8.7 inches (HWD)
  • Heating: Forced Air
  • Features: Safety features, dual modes, adjustable thermostat

Best for Bathrooms: Dreo DR-HSH004A

No one enjoys a cold bathroom. However, not all heaters are bathroom-safe due to moisture.

The Dreo DR-HSH004A excels in safety, especially designed for bathrooms. It has a unique plug that immediately cuts off when in contact with water, making it the top pick for warm bathrooms.

Dreo Space Heater for Bathroom and Indoor, Portable Heater, 1500W Safe and Quiet PTC Ceramic Heater, 40-95°F Digital Thermostat,...
1,993 Reviews
Dreo Ceramic Bathroom Heater

Product Details:

  • Size: 10.3 x 6.7 x 5.5 inches (HWD)
  • Heating: Dual – Forced Air & Convection
  • Features: Eco mode, multiple safety features, remote control

Guide to Selecting a Space Heater

Space heaters come in diverse designs and functionalities.


Excluding dual-purpose heaters like the Dyson, most heaters cost below $150. Many even cost less than $100. The price varies based on size, features, settings, and heating type.


Space heaters vary in design. Some are suited for specific rooms or spaces, while others are versatile. There are also sleek tower designs perfect for cramped areas.

Heater Types

The recommended heaters are electric but have different heating mechanisms.

  • Forced Air: Uses a fan to circulate air over heating coils and release warmth.
  • Infrared: Uses bulbs to transform electricity into radiant warmth.
  • Ceramic: Heats ceramic plates, then radiates warmth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are space heaters fire risks?

Yes, space heaters can be hazardous if misused. Most have safety features to mitigate risks, but it’s crucial to be cautious, especially around children and pets.

How do space heaters function?

Space heaters warm their surroundings by releasing heated air, making them ideal for heating smaller areas without a central system.

Their working mechanism varies. Commonly, they use radiant heat from ceramic units or forced air from fans. Some even combine both methods. While electric heaters are predominant, some models use liquids like water or oil to produce warmth. Infrared versions exist but are less frequent.

Are space heaters efficient?

Not all heaters define their heating range, but a good one should adequately warm its surrounding, allowing a decrease in central heating.

Their efficiency can be subjective. It often depends on the room’s initial state. For instance, expansive rooms with tall ceilings or open layouts may not heat as evenly as smaller, closed spaces. Colder or damper areas might not feel as cozy as sunlit ones.

Where should you place a space heater?

While each heater model comes with its placement guidelines, it’s generally best to set them in the area you wish to heat, such as close to where you sit or work.

However, avoid placing them on walls, near entry points, flammable materials like curtains, or damp spots. The only exception is if they’re designed for bathrooms.

Do space heaters save energy?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency hasn’t given space heaters an Energy Star evaluation yet. Their power consumption varies based on size and settings. But when used judiciously – heating only occupied spaces – they might reduce dependence on central systems, possibly cutting down electricity costs in chilly periods.

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