Blue Buffalo vs. Purina Pro Plan: Which Dog Food Is Better?


Blue Buffalo and Purina Pro Plan stand tall as two of the most recognized and trusted names in the dog food industry. For many pet owners, these brands represent quality, nutrition, and commitment to the well-being of their furry companions.

Blue Buffalo

Purina Pro Plan

Primary Ingredients

  • Blue Buffalo champions the use of genuine meats like deboned chicken, turkey, and fish.
  • Purina Pro Plan also promotes real meat but may sometimes include meat by-product meals, which some might deem less ideal.

Grains and Gluten

  • Blue Buffalo usually markets its products as grain-free. However, it’s essential to recognize that not all pets need grain-free diets.
  • Purina Pro Plan employs grains like corn, wheat, and barley in their mixtures, delivering vital energy-providing carbohydrates.

Fruits, Vegetables, and Supplements

  • Blue Buffalo blends in fruits and veggies and is known for its “LifeSource Bits,” which pack a range of vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Purina Pro Plan might not advertise their fruit and vegetable content as much, but they do fortify their feeds with vitamins and probiotics.

Specialty Diets

Both brands cater to specialized dietary needs, from weight control to age-specific diets. Blue Buffalo highlights grain-free choices, while Purina Pro Plan shines with its veterinary diet series, addressing unique health conditions.

Recall Histories

When it boils down to safety and quality assurance, Purina Pro Plan has a cleaner track record, with only one recall since 2016 compared to Blue Buffalo’s three. Yet, both are renowned brands committed to pet welfare.


While both brands fall on the pricier side, Blue Buffalo generally (but not always) costs a tad more, possibly due to its emphasis on natural ingredients.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken and Brown Rice 30-lb
30 lbs
Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Dog Food Salmon and Rice Formula - 30 lb. Bag
23,478 Reviews
30 lbs
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food, Chicken and Brown Rice 30-lb
30 lbs
Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dry Puppy Food, Chicken and Rice Formula - 34 lb. Bag
34 lbs
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Natural High-Protein Dry Food for Adult Dogs, Chicken Recipe, 28-lb. Bag
28 lbs
Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dog Food With Probiotics for Dogs, Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula - 35 lb. Bag
35 lbs
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Small Breed Dry Dog Food, Supports High Energy Needs, Made with Natural Ingredients, Chicken &...
15 lbs
Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Dog Food With Probiotics for Dogs, Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula - 18 lb. Bag
18 lbs
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult Wet Dog Food, High-Protein & Grain-Free, Made with Natural Ingredients, Turkey & Chicken Grill, 12.5-oz. Cans...
12 packs
Purina Pro Plan High Protein Wet Dog Food for Senior Dogs, Adult 7+ Wet Dog Food, Turkey and Rice Entree - (Pack of 12) 13 oz. Cans
12 packs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which brand uses more real meat?

Both brands utilize real meat, with Blue Buffalo emphasizing this more. Purina Pro Plan might occasionally use meat by-products.

2. Do both offer grain-free diets?

Yes, both do. Blue Buffalo stresses this feature more, while Purina Pro Plan has grains in certain recipes.

3. Do they use artificial additives?

Both aim to steer clear of artificial additives. Always inspect the product’s ingredient list.

4. Do they offer wet / dry options?

Yes, both brands showcase an assortment of wet foods and dry variants.

5. Do they cater to puppies and senior dogs?

Absolutely. Both brands have formulas tailored for various life stages.

6. Do they offer breed-specific formulas?

They provide breed-size specific recipes, but not typically breed-specific.

7. Are they AAFCO approved?

Yes, both comply with or exceed AAFCO standards.

8. Which brand is more budget-friendly?

Generally, Purina Pro Plan is slightly more affordable.

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