Most Popular English Baby Girl Names in 2023, Their Origins & Meanings


The Social Security Administration (SSA) is responsible for registering the names of newborns in the U.S. and issuing Social Security numbers. They also release annual statistics on the most popular names for newborns, which reveal the trendiest English names. Here is a list of the top 1000 currently popular and trendy English baby girls names based on the SSA’s latest data from 2022. For baby boy names, please check this article.

Most Popular English Baby Boy Names in 2023, Their Origins & Meanings
Most Popular English Baby Boy Names in 2023, Their Origins & Meanings
1000 most popular baby boy names, per the SSA's latest data.

We have also compiled the origins and meanings of these names. However, it’s pretty common that some names have multiple possible origins, or that people have different opinions on their origins and exact meanings. If you’re interested in some of the names, you should click their “meaning,” which will lead you to more info available online so you can make an informed decision.

You can use the table below to filter the names based on their origins or the first letters, or you can use the “search” function. The “Reg #” indicates how many girls were registered with that name in 2022, and a higher number indicates greater popularity. You can also click on the names to check their pronunciation.

1000 Most Popular Baby Girl Names in the U.S.
(Based on SSA’s latest registration data)

First Letter:
#Name1st LetterReg #OriginMeaning
1OliviaO16,573Latin“Olive tree” or “olive branch”
2EmmaE14,435German“Universal” or “whole”
3CharlotteC12,891French“Free man” or “petite”
4AmeliaA12,333Latin“Work” or “industrious”
5SophiaS12,310Greek“Wisdom” or “knowledge”
6IsabellaI11,662Italian“God is my oath” or “devoted to God”
7AvaA11,039Latin“Bird” or “life” or “breath”
8MiaM11,018Italian“Mine” or “beloved”
9EvelynE9,289English“Desired” or “wished for”
11HarperH8,191English“Harp player” or “harpist”
12CamilaC7,965Latin“Attendant” or “helper”
13SofiaS7,254Greek“Wisdom” or “knowledge”
14ScarlettS7,224English“Bright red” or “scarlet”
15ElizabethE6,964Hebrew“My God is abundance” or “pledged to God”
16EleanorE6,881Greek“Light” or “torch”
17EmilyE6,461Latin“Rival” or “eager”
18ChloeC6,445Greek“Young green shoot” or “blooming”
19MilaM6,445Slavic“Gracious” or “dear”
20VioletV6,434English“Purple” or “violet flower”
21PenelopeP6,388Greek“Weaver” or “duck”
22GiannaG6,385Italian“The Lord is gracious” or “God is gracious”
23AriaA6,368Italian“Air” or “melody”
24AbigailA6,254Hebrew“Father’s joy” or “source of joy”
25EllaE6,243German“Beautiful fairy”
26AveryA6,230English“Ruler of the elves”
27HazelH6,125English“The hazel tree”
28NoraN6,119Irish“Honor” or “light”
29LaylaL6,058Arabic“Night” or “dark beauty”
30LilyL5,966English“Lily flower”
31AuroraA5,956Latin“Dawn” or “goddess of the dawn”
32NovaN5,885Latin“New” or “young”
33EllieE5,761English“Diminutive of Eleanor”
34MadisonM5,479English“Son of Maud”
35GraceG5,255English“Grace” or “favor”
36IslaI5,255Scottish“Island” or “river island”
37WillowW5,025English“Willow tree”
38ZoeZ4,984Greek“Life” or “alive”
39RileyR4,886Irish“Valiant” or “courageous”
41ElianaE4,780Hebrew“God has answered”
42IvyI4,772English“Ivy plant”
43VictoriaV4,763Latin“Victory” or “conqueror”
44EmiliaE4,664Latin“Rival” or “emulating”
45ZoeyZ4,488Greek“Life” or “alive”
46NaomiN4,463Hebrew“Pleasantness” or “delight”
47HannahH4,451Hebrew“Gracious” or “favor”
49ElenaE4,274Spanish“Bright” or “shining light”
50LillianL4,226English“Lily” or “innocence”
51MayaM4,208Hebrew“Water” or “illusion”
52LeahL4,169Hebrew“Weary” or “delicate”
53PaisleyP4,026Scottish“Church” or “cemetery”
54AddisonA3,945English“Child of Adam”
55NatalieN3,932Latin“Christmas Day”
56ValentinaV3,881Latin“Strong” or “healthy”
57EverlyE3,880English“From the boar meadow”
58DelilahD3,853Hebrew“Delicate” or “amorous”
59LeilaniL3,834Hawaiian“Heavenly flowers”
60MadelynM3,709English“High tower”
61KinsleyK3,679English“King’s field”
62RubyR3,593English“Red gemstone”
64AliceA3,498English“Noble” or “of the nobility”
65GenesisG3,427Greek“Origin” or “birth”
66ClaireC3,365French“Clear” or “bright”
67AudreyA3,329English“Noble strength”
68SadieS3,278Hebrew“Princess” or “lady”
69AaliyahA3,270Arabic“Exalted” or “highly praised”
70JosephineJ3,236Hebrew“God will add”
71AutumnA3,214English“Season of harvest”
72BrooklynB3,191English“Broken land” or “stream”
73QuinnQ3,091Irish“Counsel” or “wisdom”
74KennedyK3,060Irish“Helmeted chief”
75CoraC3,049Greek“Maiden” or “daughter”
76SavannahS3,034Spanish“Flat tropical grassland”
77CarolineC3,015French“Free man” or “beautiful woman”
78AthenaA3,008Greek“Goddess of wisdom and war”
79NataliaN2,995Latin“Christmas Day”
80HaileyH2,993English“Hay meadow” or “hero”
81AubreyA2,982English“Noble ruler” or “elf ruler”
82EmeryE2,961German“Brave” or “powerful”
83AnnaA2,944Hebrew“Grace” or “favor”
84IrisI2,922Greek“Rainbow” or “messenger of the gods”
85BellaB2,888Italian“Beautiful” or “lovely”
86EloiseE2,888French“Famous warrior”
87SkylarS2,881Dutch“Scholar” or “etymologist”
88JadeJ2,871Spanish“Precious green stone”
89GabriellaG2,858Hebrew“God is my strength”
90ArianaA2,840Greek“Very holy” or “most holy”
91MariaM2,831Hebrew“Sea of bitterness” or “rebelliousness”
92AdelineA2,812German“Noble” or “nobility”
93LydiaL2,794Greek“From Lydia” or “beautiful one”
94SarahS2,780Hebrew“Princess” or “noblewoman”
95NevaehN2,778American“Heaven” (spelled backward)
96SerenityS2,775English“Peace” or “calm”
97LilianaL2,768Latin“Lily” or “pure”
98AylaA2,735Turkish“Moonlight” or “halo of light”
99EverleighE2,708EnglishCombination of “ever” and “leigh,” meaning “always clear” or “eternal meadow”
100RaelynnR2,702AmericanCombination of “Rae” and “Lynn,” meaning “ewe” or “meadow”
101AllisonA2,699German“Noble” or “of noble birth”
102MadelineM2,686English“High tower” or “woman from Magdala”
103VivianV2,661Latin“Alive” or “full of life”
104MaeveM2,659Irish“Intoxicating” or “she who intoxicates”
105LylaL2,655Arabic“Night” or “dark beauty”
106SamanthaS2,586Hebrew“Listener” or “heard by God”
107RyleeR2,573English“Valiant” or “courageous”
108EvaE2,562Hebrew“Life” or “living one”
109MelodyM2,558English“Song” or “melody”
110ClaraC2,541Latin“Bright” or “clear”
111HadleyH2,532English“Heather field” or “heather meadow”
112JuliaJ2,531Latin“Youthful” or “downy”
113PiperP2,477English“Flute player” or “pipe player”
114JuniperJ2,474English“Juniper tree” or “youthful”
115ParkerP2,403English“Park keeper” or “gamekeeper”
116BrielleB2,380French“God is my strength” or “strong”
117EdenE2,376Hebrew“Delight” or “paradise”
118RemiR2,374French“Oarsman” or “remedy”
119JosieJ2,352EnglishDiminutive of Josephine” or “God will add”
121AryaA2,330Sanskrit“Noble” or “honorable”
122ElizaE2,328Hebrew“God is my oath”
123CharlieC2,322English“Free man” or “strong”
124PeytonP2,313English“Warrior’s town” or “fighting man’s estate”
125DaisyD2,307English“Daisy flower”
126LuciaL2,202Latin“Light” or “illumination”
127MillieM2,182EnglishDiminutive of Mildred” or “gentle strength”
128MargaretM2,180Greek“Pearl” or “child of light”
129FreyaF2,167Norse“Lady” or “noblewoman”
130MelanieM2,160Greek“Black” or “dark”
131EllianaE2,114HebrewCombination of “Ella” and “Anna,” meaning “beautiful grace”
132AdalynnA2,113EnglishCombination of “Ada” and “Lynn,” meaning “noble” or “noble one”
133AlinaA2,109Slavic“Bright” or “beautiful”
134EmersynE2,109English“Son of Emery”
135SiennaS2,105Italian“Orange-red” or “reddish-brown”
136MaryM2,097Hebrew“Bitter” or “beloved”
137IsabelleI2,092Hebrew“God is my oath”
138AlaiaA2,072Basque“Joyful” or “happy”
139EstherE2,060Persian“Star” or “hidden”
140SloaneS2,050Irish“Warrior” or “raider”
141MackenzieM2,030Scottish“Son of Coinneach”
142AmaraA2,029African“Grace” or “mercy”
143XimenaX2,004Spanish“He has heard”
144SageS1,997English“Wise” or “profoundly wise”
145CeciliaC1,995Latin“Blind” or “dim-sighted”
146ValeriaV1,994Latin“Strength” or “health”
147ReaganR1,982Irish“Little ruler”
148ValerieV1,974Latin“Strong” or “healthy”
149CatalinaC1,941Spanish“Pure” or “unsullied”
150RiverR1,912English“Flowing body of water”
151MagnoliaM1,869English“Magnolia flower”
152KehlaniK1,865Hawaiian“Sea sky” or “heavenly sea”
153SummerS1,862English“Season of summer”
154AshleyA1,851English“Ash tree meadow”
155AndreaA1,850Greek“Manly” or “courageous”
156IsabelI1,848Hebrew“God is my oath”
157OakleyO1,837English“Oak meadow” or “oak clearing”
158OliveO1,828English“Olive tree” or “olive branch”
159OaklynnO1,824EnglishCombination of “oak” and “lynn,” meaning “oak tree” or “clearing”
160EmberE1,819English“Burning coal” or “spark”
161KayleeK1,814IrishCombination of “Kay” and “Lee,” meaning “slender” or “fair”
162GeorgiaG1,751Greek“Farmer” or “worker of the earth”
163JulietteJ1,748FrenchDiminutive of “Julia,” meaning “youthful”
164AnastasiaA1,747Greek“Resurrection” or “reborn”
165GenevieveG1,737French“Woman of the race” or “tribe”
166KatherineK1,727Greek“Pure” or “unsullied”
167BlakelyB1,725English“Dark meadow” or “dark clearing”
168ReeseR1,721Welsh“Enthusiasm” or “fiery”
169AmayaA1,716Japanese“Night rain” or “night rain woman”
170EmersonE1,714English“Son of Emery”
171BriannaB1,697IrishFeminine form of “Brian,” meaning “noble” or “high”
172JuneJ1,695Latin“Month of June”
173AlaniA1,692Hawaiian“Orange tree” or “serenity”
174LaineyL1,689EnglishDiminutive of “Elaine,” meaning “shining light”
175AriannaA1,686Greek“Most holy” or “very holy”
176RosalieR1,682French“Rose” or “beautiful rose”
177SaraS1,670Hebrew“Princess” or “noblewoman”
178JasmineJ1,664Persian“Jasmine flower”
179RuthR1,656Hebrew“Companion” or “friend”
180AdalynA1,648EnglishCombination of “Ada” and “Lynn,” meaning “noble” or “noble one”
181AdaA1,647German“Noble” or “nobility”
182BaileyB1,643English“Bailiff” or “steward”
183AriellaA1,626Hebrew“Lioness of God”
184WrenW1,595English“Small bird”
185MylaM1,593English“Soldier” or “merciful”
186KhloeK1,574Greek“Green shoot” or “young green shoot”
187CallieC1,572Greek“Beautiful” or “lovely”
188ElsieE1,545Scottish“God is my oath”
189AlexandraA1,544Greek“Defender of men”
190RyleighR1,539English“Valiant” or “courageous”
191FaithF1,535English“Trust” or “belief”
192NorahN1,528Irish“Honor” or “light”
193MargotM1,522French“Pearl” or “child of light”
194ZuriZ1,513Swahili“Beautiful” or “good”
195JourneeJ1,508French“Day’s journey” or “daytime”
196AspenA1,502English“Aspen tree” or “quaking aspen”
197GemmaG1,495Italian“Gem” or “precious stone”
198KylieK1,487IrishFrom the Irish surname O’Kiely, meaning “graceful or beautiful”
199MollyM1,474IrishDiminutive of “Mary,” meaning “bitter” or “beloved”
200BlakeB1,441English“Black” or “dark”
201ZaraZ1,432Arabic“Princess” or “radiant”
202AlainaA1,426EnglishFeminine form of “Alan,” meaning “little rock”
203AlanaA1,412Irish“Beautiful” or “harmony”
204BrynleeB1,410English“Hill” or “mound”
205AmyA1,408Latin“Beloved” or “loved”
206AnnieA1,408English“Grace” or “favor”
207SaylorS1,404English“Sailor” or “boatman”
208AnaA1,392SpanishSpanish form of “Anna,” meaning “grace”
209AmiraA1,385Arabic“Princess” or “commander”
210KimberlyK1,384English“From the royal fortress meadow”
211NoelleN1,382French“Christmas” or “birth of Christ”
212KamilaK1,379Arabic“Perfect” or “complete”
213MorganM1,375Welsh“Sea” or “circle”
214PhoebeP1,373Greek“Radiant” or “bright”
215HarmonyH1,370English“Agreement” or “concord”
216SuttonS1,364English“From the southern homestead”
217TaylorT1,361English“Tailor” or “to cut”
218FinleyF1,356Scottish“Fair warrior” or “fair hero”
219LilahL1,356Hebrew“Night” or “dark beauty”
220JulianaJ1,355Latin“Youthful” or “downy”
221LilaL1,346Arabic“Night” or “dark beauty”
222LondynL1,344English“From London” or “capital of England”
223KailaniK1,343Hawaiian“Sea and sky” or “heavenly sea”
224VeraV1,330Russian“Truth” or “faith”
225KaiaK1,323Hawaiian“Sea” or “ocean”
226AngelaA1,316Greek“Messenger” or “angel”
227HallieH1,316English“Heroine” or “dweller at the meadow”
228DianaD1,313Latin“Divine” or “heavenly”
229LennonL1,309Irish“Small cloak” or “lover”
230PresleyP1,309English“Priest’s meadow”
231ArabellaA1,306Latin“Yielding to prayer”
232AliyahA1,304Hebrew“Exalted” or “ascended”
233LillyL1,295English“Lily” or “pure”
234MilaniM1,291Hawaiian“Gentle caress” or “caress”
235JordynJ1,287Hebrew“Descend” or “flow down”
236CamilleC1,283French“Perfect” or “attendant at religious ceremonies”
237ArielA1,279Hebrew“Lion of God”
238AubreeA1,279English“Elf ruler” or “ruler of the elves”
239SelenaS1,270Greek“Moon” or “goddess of the moon”
240SawyerS1,257English“Woodworker” or “sawer of wood”
241NylaN1,255Arabic“Winner” or “champion”
242DelaneyD1,252Irish“Descendant of the challenger”
243MarianaM1,250SpanishCombination of “Mary” and “Anna,” meaning “graceful” or “bitter grace”
244RachelR1,247Hebrew“Ewe” or “female sheep”
245AdalineA1,238GermanCombination of “Ada” and “line,” meaning “noble” or “noble one”
246LeilaL1,237Arabic“Night” or “dark beauty”
247CollinsC1,230English“Victorious people” or “dove”
248LiaL1,230Italian“Bringer of good news” or “bearer of good news”
249OctaviaO1,229Latin“Eighth” or “born in the eighth month”
250KaliK1,220Sanskrit“Goddess of time, change, and destruction” or “black”
251LenaL1,217Greek“Light” or “shining”
252KiaraK1,216Italian“Clear” or “bright”
253KaylaniK1,213Hawaiian“Heavenly sea” or “sea and sky”
254ElainaE1,211Greek“Shining light” or “bright one”
255DanielaD1,210Hebrew“God is my judge”
256LeiaL1,210Hebrew“Weary” or “delicate”
257GracieG1,208Latin“Grace” or “favor”
258DakotaD1,204Native American“Friend” or “ally”
259EliseE1,200French“God is my oath”
260HopeH1,194English“Hope” or “trust”
261HarlowH1,190English“Army hill” or “rock hill”
262LolaL1,189Spanish“Sorrows” or “lady of sorrows”
263StevieS1,188English“Crown” or “garland”
264MaliaM1,182Hawaiian“Calm” or “peaceful”
265MiriamM1,182Hebrew“Sea of bitterness” or “rebelliousness”
266AloraA1,179Latin“God is my light” or “God is my guardian”
267GiaG1,179Italian“God is gracious” or “gift of God”
268EvangelineE1,175Greek“Good news” or “bearer of good news”
269BrookeB1,174English“Small stream”
270LilithL1,173Hebrew“Night monster” or “ghost”
271SydneyS1,165English“Wide island” or “from St. Denis”
272OpheliaO1,160Greek“Help” or “aid”
273AlaynaA1,156Irish“Fair” or “beautiful”
274TatumT1,152English“Tate’s homestead” or “cheerful”
275EvieE1,141HebrewDiminutive of “Eve,” meaning “life” or “living”
276RowanR1,134Gaelic“Little redhead” or “red-haired”
277MarleyM1,133English“Meadow near the lake”
278DaphneD1,129Greek“Laurel tree” or “bay tree”
279KaylaK1,128Hebrew“Crown” or “laurel”
280DahliaD1,127Scandinavian“Dahl’s flower” or “valley”
281LucilleL1,126French“Light” or “bringer of light”
282BlairB1,117Scottish“Field” or “plain”
283AdelaideA1,116German“Noble” or “nobility”
284WrenleyW1,114EnglishCombination of “wren” and “ley,” meaning “small bird” or “clearing”
285HavenH1,109English“Safe place” or “shelter”
286TeaganT1,102Irish“Little poet” or “attractive”
287AdelynA1,099EnglishCombination of “Ada” and “lyn,” meaning “noble” or “noble one”
288AlyssaA1,097Greek“Rational” or “sane”
289PaytonP1,094English“Village warrior” or “royal”
290JaneJ1,081Hebrew“God is gracious”
291McKennaM1,081Irish“Son of Cionaodh”
292CelesteC1,075French“Heavenly” or “celestial”
293JulietJ1,072French“Youthful” or “downy”
294PalmerP1,071English“Palm tree” or “pilgrim”
295MaggieM1,068EnglishDiminutive of “Margaret,” meaning “pearl” or “child of light”
296RebeccaR1,065Hebrew“Tied” or “captivating”
297LondonL1,064English“From London” or “capital of England”
298NoaN1,064Hebrew“Motion” or “movement”
299SamaraS1,062Hebrew“Guarded” or “protected by God”
300TheaT1,060Greek“Goddess” or “divine”
301KendallK1,056English“Valley of the River Kent” or “royal valley”
302MyaM1,050Greek“Great” or “mother”
303TaliaT1,048Hebrew“Dew from God” or “lamb”
304WinterW1,048English“Winter” or “the coldest season”
305AngelinaA1,044Greek“Messenger of God” or “angel”
306VivienneV1,042French“Alive” or “full of life”
307EsmeE1,041French“Esteemed” or “loved”
308LailaL1,028Arabic“Night” or “dark beauty”
309NinaN1,023Russian“Grace” or “favor”
310TrinityT1,022English“Holy trinity” or “threefold”
311VanessaV1,021Greek“Butterfly” or “bringer of good news”
312MabelM1,019English“Lovable” or “dear”
313CamillaC1,009Latin“Young ceremonial attendant” or “free-born”
314JocelynJ1,008German“Joy” or “merry”
315JourneyJ1,008English“Travel” or “voyage”
316PaigeP1,008English“Page” or “young servant”
317PhoenixP1,006Greek“Dark red” or “deep red”
318AminaA1,005Arabic“Trustworthy” or “truthful”
319AliviaA1,004Latin“Olive tree” or “olive branch”
320AmariA1,001African“Strength” or “power”
321JoannaJ996Hebrew“God is gracious”
322NicoleN992Greek“Victory of the people”
323AnnabelleA990FrenchCombination of “Anna” and “Belle,” meaning “graceful” or “beautiful”
324RaeganR989Irish“Little ruler” or “descendant of the little king”
325AitanaA984Basque“Glory” or “splendor”
326JuliannaJ983LatinFeminine form of “Julian,” meaning “youthful” or “downy”
327LaurenL982English“Laurel tree” or “sweet of honor”
328CatherineC976Greek“Pure” or “clear”
329AdrianaA975Latin“Dark” or “from Hadria”
330MadilynM970EnglishCombination of “Madison” and “Lynn,” meaning “strong” or “noble”
331HarleyH969English“Hare’s meadow” or “rocky meadow”
332TessaT962Greek“Harvester” or “to reap”
333EvelynnE958EnglishVariant of “Evelyn,” meaning “desired” or “wished for”
334EliannaE956HebrewCombination of “Eli” and “Anna,” meaning “my God has answered” or “God has favored me”
335RoryR956Irish“Red king” or “red-haired king”
336DreamD951English“Dream” or “vision”
337NayeliN951Native American“I love you” or “I miss you”
338PoppyP951English“Red flower” or “poppy flower”
339GabrielaG950HebrewFeminine form of “Gabriel,” meaning “God is my strength”
340JaylaJ942AmericanCombination of “Jay” and “la,” meaning “jaybird” or “one who is beautiful”
341CataleyaC940Greek“Orchid” or “pure”
342CelineC937French“Heaven” or “celestial”
343HaydenH928English“Valley with hay”
344ShilohS923Hebrew“Peace” or “tranquil”
345MariahM921Hebrew“Bitter” or “rebellious”
346CharleeC915English“Free man” or “strong”
347MaisieM911ScottishDiminutive of “Margaret,” meaning “pearl” or “child of light”
348ReginaR909Latin“Queen” or “queenly”
349AdelynnA906EnglishCombination of “Ada” and “Lynn,” meaning “noble” or “noble one”
350BriellaB903Italian“God is my strength” or “strong”
351GiselleG903German“Pledge” or “hostage”
352FatimaF902Arabic“Abstaining” or “captivating”
353DannaD895Hebrew“God is my judge”
354AlessiaA894Italian“Defending warrior”
355MckenzieM881Scottish“Son of Coinneach”
356WynterW878English“Winter” or “the coldest season”
357FionaF877Gaelic“Fair” or “white”
358BrooklynnB874English“Water” or “stream”
359GracelynnG874EnglishCombination of “Grace” and “Lynn,” meaning “favor” or “grace”
360LucianaL874Italian“Light” or “illumination”
361AlexisA869Greek“Defender” or “helper”
362EverleeE869EnglishCombination of “ever” and “lee,” meaning “always clear” or “eternal meadow”
363LauraL869Latin“Laurel tree” or “victory”
364SelahS865Hebrew“Pause” or “reflection”
365ReignR864English“Rule” or “sovereignty”
366AlayahA863Arabic“Exalted” or “sublime”
367RosemaryR863LatinCombination of “Rose” and “Mary,” meaning “dew of the sea” or “bitter rose”
368LillianaL855Latin“Lily” or “pure”
369AriyahA854Hebrew“Lioness of God”
370HeidiH849German“Noble” or “of noble birth”
371EsmeraldaE848Spanish“Emerald” or “green gemstone”
372LoganL845Scottish“Little hollow” or “small meadow”
373AmoraA841Spanish“Love” or “affection”
374KalaniK840Hawaiian“The heavens” or “the sky”
375LeightonL840English“Meadow town” or “settlement near the meadow”
376CaliC839Greek“Beautiful” or “lovely”
377MelissaM822Greek“Honeybee” or “honey”
378AniyahA820Hebrew“Caring” or “compassionate”
379IzabellaI819Hebrew“God is my oath”
380MichelleM818French“Who is like God”
381RaelynR818AmericanCombination of “Rae” and “Lynn,” meaning “ewe” or “meadow”
382AlessandraA817Italian“Defending warrior”
383VivianaV815Latin“Alive” or “full of life”
384MadeleineM814French“From Magdala” or “high tower”
385ArielleA813Hebrew“Lioness of God”
386SerenaS809Latin“Serene” or “tranquil”
387FrancescaF808Italian“Free” or “from France”
388BrynnB798Welsh“Hill” or “mound”
389GwendolynG796Welsh“White circle” or “fair bow”
390KiraK796Russian“Leader” or “ruler”
391DestinyD792English“Fate” or “fortune”
392ElleE791French“She” or “her”
393MakaylaM790HebrewCombination of “Maka” and “El,” meaning “who is like God?” or “gift of God”
394AlayaA789Arabic“Exalted” or “lofty”
395MalaniM789Hawaiian“The heavens” or “the sky”
396WillaW785German“Will” or “desire”
397SaigeS784English“Wise” or “from the herb”
398MakennaM783Scottish“Son of Coinneach”
399RemingtonR779English“Raven’s town” or “from the raven estate”
400DemiD778French“Half” or “small”
401AdelinaA776Spanish“Noble” or “kind”
402RayaR775Hebrew“Friend” or “companion”
403AstridA774Norse“Divinely beautiful” or “divine strength”
404AzaleaA772Greek“Dry” or “flower”
405VeronicaV772Greek“True image” or “she who brings victory”
406MeadowM768English“Meadow” or “pasture”
407AnayaA767Sanskrit“Caring” or “compassionate”
408ElisaE767Hebrew“God is my oath”
409RavenR767English“Blackbird” or “dark-haired”
410AlexandriaA766Greek“Defender of men”
411HattieH759EnglishDiminutive of “Harriet,” meaning “ruler of the home”
412AliciaA757German“Noble” or “of noble birth”
413SabrinaS757CelticUncertain, possibly derived from a river name meaning “boundary”
414GracelynG756EnglishCombination of “Grace” and “Lyn,” meaning “favor” or “grace”
415MatildaM756German“Mighty in battle” or “strength in battle”
416SkyeS754Scottish“Sky” or “cloud”
417AnnaliseA751GermanCombination of “Anna” and “Elise,” meaning “graceful” or “God is my oath”
418FrancesF750Latin“Free” or “from France”
419MiracleM750English“Miracle” or “wonder”
420MaiaM748Greek“Great” or “mother”
421HelenH747Greek“Bright” or “shining”
422LanaL747Slavic“Light” or “peaceful”
423DaleyzaD745AmericanCreated name, no specific meaning
424RosieR741English“Rose” or “beautiful rose”
425CharliC740EnglishFeminine form of “Charles,” meaning “free man” or “strong”
426BiancaB739Italian“White” or “fair”
427RoyaltyR734English“Noble” or “of royal birth”
428SaraiS733Hebrew“Princess” or “lady”
429AmiyahA732Arabic“Highness”, “dignity”
430NylahN731African“Winner” or “champion”
431AylinA725Turkish“Moon halo” or “moonlight”
432MaryamM720Arabic“Bitter” or “rebellious”
433ScarletS720English“Bright red” or “scarlet-colored”
434AntonellaA719ItalianFeminine form of “Antonio,” meaning “priceless” or “invaluable”
435SylviaS719Latin“Forest” or “woods”
436SylvieS718French“From the forest”
437NadiaN717Slavic“Hope” or “hopeful”
438AriA716Hebrew“Lion” or “eagle”
439LexiL714Greek“Defender” or “helper”
440MylahM713Hebrew“Water drop”
441JulietaJ711Spanish“Youthful” or “downy”
442LoreleiL711GermanUncertain, possibly meaning “murmuring rock” or “luring rock”
443AviannaA710LatinBird of life
444ArmaniA701Italian“Free man” or “strong”
445CamrynC701Scottish“Crooked nose” or “bent nose”
446EmelyE701Spanish“Industrious” or “eager”
447RylieR699Irish“Valiant” or “courageous”
448ColetteC697French“Victorious” or “people’s victory”
449DaniellaD696HebrewFeminine form of “Daniel,” meaning “God is my judge”
450LianaL696Latin“To climb like a vine” or “youthful”
451BrinleyB695English“Burnt meadow” or “hill covered with broom”
452KateK694English“Pure” or “clear”
453SalemS693Hebrew“Peace” or “complete”
454MarleeM692English“From the lake meadow”
455AlisonA691German“Noble” or “of noble birth”
456CarmenC690Spanish“Song” or “poem”
457FelicityF689Latin“Happiness” or “good fortune”
458FernandaF688German“Bold voyager” or “adventurous”
459HollyH688English“Holly tree” or “to prick”
460AriahA683Hebrew“Lioness of God”
461AishaA682Arabic“Alive” or “living”
462KoraK682Greek“Maiden” or “young girl”
463AmandaA681Latin“Lovable” or “worthy of love”
464AilaniA679Hawaiian“High chief” or “royal chief”
465ElaineE678French“Bright” or “shining”
466EmoryE678English“Brave” or “industrious”
467JoyJ677English“Joy” or “happiness”
468OakleeO677English“Meadow of oak trees”
469LyricL672English“Song-like” or “poetic”
470MadelynnM672EnglishCombination of “Madison” and “Lynn,” meaning “strong” or “noble”
471HaisleyH671English“Hazel meadow” or “dweller at the hazel meadow”
472AllieA669English“Noble” or “noble one”
473HelenaH668Greek“Bright” or “shining”
474DanielleD667HebrewFeminine form of “Daniel,” meaning “God is my judge”
475KatalinaK666Greek“Pure” or “clean”
476CarolinaC662Latin“Free man” or “strong”
477ZariahZ660Hebrew“Princess” or “blooming flower”
478NavyN655English“Shade of blue” or “maritime”
479CassidyC654Irish“Curly-haired” or “clever”
480LorelaiL654German“Murmuring rock” or “luring rock”
481StephanieS653Greek“Crown” or “garland”
482AlmaA652Spanish“Soul” or “spirit”
483MiraM652Sanskrit“Wonder” or “astonishment”
484LegacyL650English“Inheritance” or “heritage”
485JoleneJ645AmericanCombination of “Jo” and “lene,” meaning “God will increase” or “beautiful”
486AnyaA643Russian“Grace” or “favor”
487DorothyD642Greek“Gift of God”
488ParisP642Greek“City of Paris” or “from Paris”
489YaretziY641Aztec“You will always be loved”
490AureliaA639Latin“Golden” or “golden one”
491MaddisonM638EnglishVariant of “Madison,” meaning “son of Maud” or “Matthew’s son”
492RenataR638Latin“Reborn” or “born again”
493JimenaJ636Spanish“Listener” or “hears”
494XiomaraX636Greek“Glorious warrior”
495ItzelI635Mayan“Rainbow lady” or “dew from heaven”
496HeavenH631English“Heaven” or “paradise”
497LyraL630Greek“Lyre” or “constellation Lyra”
498EstellaE628Spanish“Star” or “beautiful”
499GabrielleG628FrenchFeminine form of “Gabriel,” meaning “God is my strength”
500MarenM625Latin“Of the sea” or “sea”
501JacquelineJ624French“Supplanter” or “holder of the heel”
502JenniferJ624Celtic“White wave” or “fair”
503ImaniI621Swahili“Faith” or “belief”
504JordanJ621Hebrew“To flow down” or “descend”
505PaisleeP621English“Meadow” or “pasture”
506AinsleyA620Scottish“One’s own meadow”
507EmmyE618English“Universal” or “whole”
508JessicaJ617Hebrew“God beholds”
509AlondraA615Spanish“Lark” or “defender of mankind”
510MaeM612English“May” or “mother”
511MakenzieM610Scottish“Son of Coinneach”
512BristolB605English“Place at the bridge”
513EdithE603English“Wealth” or “prosperity”
514CameronC602Scottish“Crooked nose” or “bent nose”
515EloraE602Greek“Sunray” or “God is my light”
516JazlynJ596AmericanCombination of “Jasmine” and “Lynn,” meaning “jasmine” or “lake”
517AverieA595English“Wisdom” or “boar friend”
518IvoryI595English“Ivory” or “white”
519KenzieK595Scottish“Son of Coinneach”
520EmeliaE594EnglishVariant of “Amelia,” meaning “work” or “rival”
521AngelA593Greek“Messenger” or “angel”
522CeceliaC593Latin“Blind” or “dim-sighted”
523MaliyahM592HebrewCombination of “Malia” and “yah,” meaning “calm” or “God”
524OakleighO592English“Meadow of oak trees”
525OpalO591Sanskrit“Gem” or “precious stone”
526OaklynO590English“Meadow of oak trees”
527KinleyK589Scottish“White warrior” or “fair-haired warrior”
528KayleighK588Irish“Descendant of Caollaidhe”
529BonnieB586Scottish“Pretty” or “charming”
530AprilA585Latin“To open” or “opening”
531KamrynK583Scottish“Crooked nose” or “bent nose”
532MalloryM581French“Unfortunate” or “unlucky”
533BriarB579English“Thorny plant” or “heather”
534LeonaL577Latin“Lioness” or “lion”
535KeiraK575Irish“Dark-haired” or “dark-haired one”
536AlexaA574Greek“Defender” or “helper”
537MacieM571French“Weapon” or “gift of God”
538AriyaA569Sanskrit“Noble” or “wise”
539BrianaB569Irish“Strong” or “virtuous”
540VirginiaV569Latin“Pure” or “virgin”
541SkylerS568Dutch“Scholar” or “protection”
542AmberA566English“Amber” or “reddish-brown fossil resin”
543HannaH563Hebrew“Grace” or “favor”
544MonroeM563Scottish“Mouth of the Roe River”
545FrankieF562English“Free” or “from France”
546MirandaM561Latin“Admirable” or “wonderful”
547DayanaD560Hebrew“God is my judge”
548CharleighC557EnglishFeminine form of “Charles,” meaning “free man” or “strong”
549MeredithM550Welsh“Great ruler” or “sea lord”
550CarterC549English“Cart driver” or “transporter”
551SierraS548Spanish“Mountain range” or “saw”
552SunnyS548English“Sunshine” or “bright”
553IndieI547EnglishShort for “independent” or “independent one”
554EveE546Hebrew“Life” or “living”
555BeatriceB545Latin“Bringer of joy” or “she who brings happiness”
556NalaniN545Hawaiian“Calm skies” or “heavenly skies”
557KylaK543Scottish“Narrow strait” or “channel”
558ClementineC542Latin“Merciful” or “gentle”
559KatieK542EnglishDiminutive of “Katherine,” meaning “pure” or “clear”
560KennediK542Scottish“Helmeted chief” or “helmeted leader”
561MyraM540Greek“Myrrh” or “fragrant oil”
562BlaireB539Scottish“Field” or “plain”
563DavinaD536Scottish“Beloved” or “darling”
564FayeF534English“Fairy” or “fairy-like”
565AnahiA533Spanish“Beautiful like the flower”
566MadilynnM530EnglishCombination of “Madi” and “Lynn,” meaning “strong” or “noble”
567AlejandraA529Greek“Defender of mankind”
568AlannaA528Irish“Fair” or “beautiful”
569IvannaI526SlavicFeminine form of “Ivan,” meaning “God is gracious”
570MariamM524HebrewVariant of “Mary,” meaning “bitter” or “rebellious”
571YaraY522Arabic“Small butterfly” or “small bird”
572AnneA520Hebrew“Gracious” or “full of grace”
573AddilynA519EnglishCombination of “Addie” and “Lyn,” meaning “noble” or “noble one”
574BraelynnB518EnglishCombination of “Bray” and “Lynn,” meaning “hill” or “dweller at the hill”
575LilianL518Latin“Lily” or “pure”
576DylanD517Welsh“Son of the sea” or “great tide”
577AmirahA516Arabic“Princess” or “commander”
578LinaL514Arabic“Tender” or “tender-hearted”
579ReynaR514Spanish“Queen” or “sovereign”
580AmaliaA513German“Work” or “rival”
581AmaniA513Arabic“Peace” or “aspiration”
582RyanR513Irish“Little king” or “descendant of the king”
583CalliopeC509Greek“Beautiful voice” or “beautiful speak”
584IsabelaI509SpanishFeminine form of “Isabel,” meaning “God is my oath”
585MichaelaM509HebrewFeminine form of “Michael,” meaning “who is like God?”
586AbbyA508Hebrew“Father’s joy” or “exalted father”
587AliaA508Arabic“Noble” or “exalted”
588EmerieE508English“Home ruler” or “ruler of the household”
589LylahL508Arabic“Night” or “dark beauty”
590HollandH505Dutch“Wooded land” or “hollow land”
591SevynS504AmericanVariant of “Seven,” representing the number 7
592WinnieW502English“Fair one” or “joy”
593LeylaL500Arabic“Night” or “dark beauty”
594ShelbyS500English“Willow farm” or “from the willow farm”
595RosaliaR499Latin“Rose” or “rose blossom”
596ZariyahZ499Arabic“Beautiful flower” or “radiant flower”
597RheaR498Greek“Flowing” or “river”
598EmberlyE496English“Burning ember” or “sparkling”
599MarieM496French“Of the sea” or “sea”
600NiaN496Swahili“Purpose” or “aim”
601RemyR495French“Oarsman” or “remedy”
602ChayaC494Hebrew“Life” or “alive”
603HaleyH494English“Hay field” or “ingenious”
604KaliyahK490Hebrew“Fruitful” or “rising”
605RosaR489Latin“Rose” or “flower”
606ZahraZ489Arabic“Flower” or “blooming”
607JayleenJ488AmericanCombination of “Jay” and “Lynn,” meaning “jaybird” or “lake”
608KarsynK488AmericanVariant of “Carson,” meaning “son of Carr” or “marsh dweller”
609MalaysiaM487EnglishNamed after the country Malaysia
610JaliyahJ486African“Heavenly” or “above the heavens”
611MinaM486German“Love” or “affection”
612KensleyK485English“Royal meadow” or “royal clearing”
613LennoxL483Scottish“Place at the elm trees”
614MaxineM481Latin“Greatest” or “greatest one”
615HadassahH480Hebrew“Myrtle tree” or “myrtle flower”
616MikaylaM480HebrewFeminine form of “Michael,” meaning “who is like God?”
617MargoM479French“Pearl” or “child of light”
618NoahN477Hebrew“Rest” or “comfort”
619AzariahA476Hebrew“God has helped”
620MaraM476Hebrew“Bitter” or “rebellious”
621EileenE475Gaelic“Bright” or “shining”
622FlorenceF473Latin“Flourishing” or “blooming”
623MelanyM473Greek“Black” or “dark”
624ReinaR473Spanish“Queen” or “sovereign”
625JourniJ471English“Trip” or “journey”
626AmaiaA470Basque“End” or “conclusion”
627KaitlynK469IrishVariant of “Caitlin,” meaning “pure” or “clear”
628ElliottE468English“Jehovah is God”
629KelseyK466English“Ship’s island” or “from Ceolsige’s island”
630NolaN466Irish“Fair shoulder” or “famous”
631GloriaG464Latin“Glory” or “fame”
632KeilaniK464Hawaiian“Heavenly chief” or “royal chief”
633FreyjaF463Norse“Lady” or “noblewoman”
635JennaJ461Welsh“White shadow” or “fair phantom”
636SloanS461Irish“Warrior” or “fighter”
637AnaliaA459SpanishCombination of “Ana” and “Lia,” meaning “graceful” or “bearer of good news”
638LouiseL459French“Famous warrior” or “renowned warrior”
639MelinaM459Greek“Honey” or “yellow”
640SashaS459Russian“Defender of mankind”
641DiorD457French“Golden” or “gift”
642ThaliaT457Greek“Blooming” or “to blossom”
643NoemiN456Hebrew“Pleasant” or “delightful”
644MaciM455Irish“Good luck”
645DallasD454Scottish“Meadow dwelling” or “from the dale”
646MarinaM454Latin“From the sea” or “of the sea”
647AlianaA453Hebrew“God is my light”
648EzraE453Hebrew“Helper” or “helper”
649AdleyA452English“Dweller at the noble’s meadow”
650CassandraC452Greek“Shining upon man” or “she who shines upon man”
651AleenaA451Arabic“Soft” or “delicate”
652LeslieL450Scottish“Garden of holly” or “from the gray fortress”
653CapriC449Italian“Goat” or “island of goats”
654McKinleyM449Scottish“Fair-haired warrior’s meadow”
655AngelicaA448Latin“Angel” or “messenger of God”
656RominaR448Italian“Roman” or “from Rome”
657DellaD446English“Noble” or “of the nobility”
658KathrynK446GreekVariant of “Catherine,” meaning “pure” or “clear”
659KyraK446Persian“Throne” or “throne-like”
660MilanM445Slavic“Gracious” or “dear”
661TianaT445Russian“Fairy queen” or “princess”
662KhaleesiK444FictionalFrom the “Game of Thrones” series, meaning “queen”
663NellieN444EnglishDiminutive of “Helen” or “Eleanor,” meaning “bright” or “shining”
664CleoC443Greek“Glory” or “fame”
665MurphyM443Irish“Sea warrior” or “sea battler”
666BethanyB441Hebrew“House of figs” or “house of poverty”
667IreneI440Greek“Peace” or “peaceful”
668ElliannaE435EnglishCombination of “Ellie” and “Anna,” meaning “God is my oath”
669ZeldaZ434German“Gray battle” or “gray warrior”
670AleahA433Hebrew“Ascender” or “exalted”
671JanelleJ431FrenchCombination of “Jane” and “Elle,” meaning “God is gracious” or “she”
673AdaleeA430EnglishCombination of “Ada” and “Lee,” meaning “noble” or “noble meadow”
674DaniD429HebrewFeminine form of “Daniel,” meaning “God is my judge”
675MarcelineM429French“Little Mars” or “warlike”
676CoralineC428EnglishCombination of “Cora” and “line,” meaning “maiden” or “virgin”
677EstrellaE428Spanish“Star” or “celestial”
678IlaI428Sanskrit“Earth” or “speech”
679IylaI428Hebrew“God is my joy”
680MavisM428French“Songbird” or “song thrush”
681KennaK427Scottish“Born of fire” or “fiery”
682ViennaV427German“White” or “fair”
683ZendayaZ427AfricanUnknown, possibly a variant of “Zande,” meaning “path” or “road”
684CheyenneC425Native American“Unintelligible speakers” or “red speakers”
685ErinE425Irish“Ireland” or “from Ireland”
686KarlaK424German“Strong” or “womanly”
687MikaelaM424HebrewFeminine form of “Michael,” meaning “who is like God?”
688JazminJ423Persian“Flower” or “jasmine flower”
689PersephoneP423Greek“Bringer of destruction” or “bringer of death”
690ElodieE422French“Marsh flower” or “foreign riches”
691SeleneS422Greek“Moon” or “moon goddess”
692ChelseaC421English“Port” or “landing place”
693ScoutS421English“To listen” or “to hear”
694TheodoraT421Greek“Gift of God”
695LaraL420Latin“Famous” or “cheerful”
696MarilynM419EnglishCombination of “Mary” and “Lynn,” meaning “bitter sea” or “beloved”
697NovahN419Latin“New” or “newcomer”
698EllisE418English“Benevolent” or “kind”
699CharleyC417English“Free man” or “strong”
700JemmaJ417EnglishVariant of “Gemma,” meaning “gem” or “precious stone”
701AmayahA416Arabic“Highness”, “dignity”
702KarinaK416Scandinavian“Pure” or “beloved”
703KendraK416Scottish“Greatest champion” or “knowledge”
704MileyM416EnglishDiminutive of “Mildred,” meaning “gentle strength”
705LaneyL415English“Path” or “roadway”
706LaurelL415Latin“Laurel tree” or “honor”
707LeilaniL415Hawaiian“Night song”
708HalleH414German“Home ruler” or “ruler of the household”
709JenesisJ413Greek“Beginning” or “origin”
710MalayaM413Malaysian“Free” or “freedom”
711MarleighM413EnglishCombination of “Mary” and “Leigh,” meaning “bitter” or “delicate”
712WrenleeW413EnglishCombination of “Wren” and “Lee,” meaning “small bird” or “clearing”
714FallonF407Irish“Superiority” or “leader”
715JulieJ407FrenchDiminutive of “Julia,” meaning “youthful” or “downy”
716PriscillaP407Latin“Ancient” or “venerable”
717BellamyB406French“Beautiful friend” or “handsome friend”
718AdriannaA405LatinFeminine form of “Adrian,” meaning “man from Hadria”
719AngieA405GreekDiminutive of “Angela,” meaning “angel”
720SienaS405Italian“From Siena” or “to be old”
721AileenA404Scottish“Bright” or “shining”
722MacyM404English“Weapon” or “gift of God”
723EstelleE403French“Star” or “star-like”
724HanaH402Arabic“Happiness” or “bliss”
725MarthaM402Aramaic“Lady” or “mistress”
726FloraF399Latin“Flower” or “blooming”
727KyleeK399Irish“Narrow channel” or “fair and slender”
728LivL398Scandinavian“Life” or “protective”
729MeganM398Welsh“Pearl” or “child of light”
730SariyahS397Arabic“Princess” or “pure”
731GalileaG396Hebrew“Galilee” or “rolling hills”
732PennyP396GreekDiminutive of “Penelope,” meaning “weaver”
733JovieJ395American“Joyful” or “jovial”
734JamieJ394English“Supplanter” or “he who supplants”
735AmouraA393Arabic“Love” or “beloved”
736EmmieE392English“Universal” or “complete”
737HenleyH392English“High meadow” or “heath near the high wood”
738SkyS392English“Sky” or “heaven”
739ChristinaC391Greek“Follower of Christ” or “anointed”
740VioletaV391Spanish“Violet” or “purple”
741ArletA390French“Promise” or “oath”
742BelenB389Spanish“Bethlehem” or “house of bread”
743AvianaA386Latin“Bird” or “like a bird”
744KoriK386English“Maiden” or “maiden of the sea”
745MonicaM386Latin“Adviser” or “advisor”
746SavannaS386English“Grassy plain” or “from the open plain”
747NayaN385Sanskrit“New” or “fresh”
748AlenaA383Greek“Bright” or “shining”
749AyaA383Hebrew“Bird” or “fly swiftly”
750WaverlyW383English“Quaking aspen meadow” or “quivering meadow”
751BrynleighB382Welsh“Hill” or “mound”
752AlizaA381Hebrew“Joyful” or “gladness”
753KianaK381Hawaiian“Soft” or “heavenly”
754LoveL381English“Love” or “affection”
755CloverC380English“Clover” or “key”
756PearlP380English“Pearl” or “precious”
757SkylaS378AmericanVariant of “Skyler,” meaning “scholar” or “protection”
758BriaB376Irish“Noble” or “strong”
759OceanO376English“Ocean” or “large body of water”
760AlissonA375EnglishVariant of “Allison,” meaning “noble” or “noble one”
761TreasureT375English“Precious possession” or “valuable object”
762LillieL374EnglishVariant of “Lily,” meaning “lily flower”
763JaylaniJ373ArabicCombination of “Jay” and “Lani,” meaning “blue jay” or “heavenly sky”
764LibertyL373English“Freedom” or “independence”
765RaynaR373Hebrew“Pure” or “clean”
766MilanaM372Slavic“Gracious” or “dear”
767ZariaZ372African“Princess” or “royalty”
768EmeraldE371English“Emerald” or “green gemstone”
769HaloH369English“Halo” or “circle of light”
770TaytumT369English“Cheerful” or “full of joy”
771AndiA368EnglishDiminutive of “Andrea” or “Alexandra,” meaning “manly” or “defender of mankind”
772MilenaM368Slavic“Gracious” or “dear”
773NoorN367Arabic“Light” or “illumination”
775KimberK365English“From the royal fortress meadow”
776CarlyC364English“Free person” or “fortress”
777JreamJ364EnglishVariant of “Dream,” meaning “vision” or “aspiration”
778SamiraS364Arabic“Companion in evening conversation” or “evening converser”
779AshlynA363Irish“Dream” or “vision”
780HunterH363English“Hunter” or “one who hunts”
781MarloweM363English“Driftwood” or “remnants of a tree washed ashore”
782PromiseP363English“Promise” or “pledge”
783JoelleJ361French“God is willing”
784DulceD360Spanish“Sweet” or “pleasant”
785LeaL360Hebrew“Weary” or “tired”
786AshlynnA359IrishCombination of “Ash” and “Lynn,” meaning “ash tree pool” or “clearing”
787ZoyaZ358Russian“Life” or “alive”
788ElliotE357English“Jehovah is God”
789JolieJ357French“Pretty” or “attractive”
790KaiK356Hawaiian“Ocean” or “sea”
791BridgetB355Irish“Strength” or “exalted one”
792JohannaJ355Hebrew“God is gracious”
793PaulinaP355Latin“Small” or “humble”
794RamonaR355Spanish“Advice” or “counsel”
795AilaA354Finnish“From a strong place” or “oak tree”
796JessieJ353HebrewDiminutive of “Jessica,” meaning “wealthy” or “God beholds”
797MercyM353English“Compassion” or “forgiveness”
798RayneR351English“Queen” or “counsel”
799RivkaR351Hebrew“To tie” or “to bind”
800ArletteA350French“Eagle” or “stone”
801PaulaP349Latin“Small” or “humble”
802ValeryV349Latin“Strong” or “healthy”
803BirdieB348English“Bird” or “little bird”
804NalaN347African“Gift” or “beloved”
805KellyK346Irish“Bright-headed” or “war”
806KinsleeK346Irish“Girl of Kings”
807LindaL346Spanish“Pretty” or “beautiful”
808MadisynM346EnglishVariant of “Madison,” meaning “son of Maud”
809AspenA344English“Poplar tree”
810BaylorB344English“One who delivers goods” or “courtyard”
811ChanaC344Hebrew“Grace” or “favor”
813GoldieG343English“Gold” or “golden”
814MariannaM343Latin“Sea of bitterness”
815NovaleeN343EnglishCombination of “Nova” and “Lee,” meaning “newcomer” or “new meadow”
816LorettaL342Italian“Laurel” or “crowned with laurel”
817ElyseE341French“Pledged to God”
818StormiS341English“Storm” or “tempest”
819AdeleA340German“Noble” or “nobility”
820BerkleyB340English“Birch tree meadow”
821AnikaA339Scandinavian“Graceful”, “Merciful”
822MarisolM339SpanishCombination of “Mar” and “Sol,” meaning “sea” and “sun”
823KassidyK338Irish“Curly-haired” or “curly-headed”
824RoselynR338English“Pretty rose” or “beautiful rose”
825LouisaL337German“Famous warrior” or “renowned warrior”
826AlexiaA336Greek“Defender” or “helper”
827DaliaD336Arabic“Gentle” or “kind”
828EnsleyE336English“One’s own meadow” or “one’s own field”
829HayleyH336English“Hay field” or “hero”
830JaydaJ336AmericanCombination of “Jay” and “da,” meaning “jaybird” or “wisdom”
831HarmoniH335English“Unity” or “concord”
832JadaJ335Arabic“Precious stone” or “jade”
833MarigoldM335English“Golden flower” or “mary’s gold”
835AyleenA334Irish“Fair eyed”
836NatashaN334Russian“Christmas Day”
837SolS334Spanish“Sun” or “sunshine”
838AnnikaA333Scandinavian“Gracious” or “favor”
840DrewD332English“Manly” or “courageous”
841AnaisA331Greek“Grace” or “favor”
842AngeliqueA331French“Angel” or “like an angel”
844AliyaA330Arabic“Exalted” or “sublime”
845AzariaA330Hebrew“Helped by God”
846ZoraZ330Slavic“Dawn” or “daybreak”
847AllysonA329EnglishVariant of “Alice,” meaning “noble” or “exalted”
848BrittanyB329English“From Britain” or “land of the Britons”
850GwenG328Welsh“White” or “fair”
851VadaV328Slavic“Famous ruler” or “ruler”
852GiulianaG327Italian“Youthful” or “downy”
853ElinaE326Finnish“Torch” or “bright light”
854HadleeH325English“Heather meadow” or “heather clearing”
855ItzayanaI325Mayan“Gift of the moon goddess”
856JiannaJ323Italian“God is gracious”
857CadenceC322English“Rhythm” or “flow”
858GretaG322German“Pearl” or “precious”
859LiliannaL322EnglishCombination of “Lily” and “Anna,” meaning “lily” or “grace”
860DenverD321English“Green valley” or “from Anvers”
861RobinR321English“Bright fame” or “famous brilliance”
862AugustA319Latin“Great” or “venerable”
863JazmineJ319Persian“Flower” or “jasmine flower”
864RoyalR319English“Kingly” or “regal”
865BraelynB318AmericanCombination of “Bray” and “Lynn,” meaning “hill” and “waterfall”
866CeliaC318Latin“Heaven” or “sky”
868AvayahA317Hebrew“My father is light”
869BayleeB317English“Berry clearing” or “bailiff”
870IlianaI317Greek“Bright” or “sun”
871TeresaT317Spanish“Harvester” or “reaper”
872AmelieA316French“Hardworking” or “industrious”
873JudithJ316Hebrew“Praised” or “woman of Judea”
874KaraK316Irish“Dear” or “beloved”
875LaceyL316English“Lace” or “cheerful”
877ElowynE315English“Elf friend” or “elf joy”
878GeorginaG315Greek“Farmer” or “earthworker”
879JusticeJ315English“Just” or “fair”
880EmmalynE314EnglishCombination of “Emma” and “Lynn,” meaning “whole” and “waterfall”
881HarleeH314English“Hare meadow” or “meadow of the hares”
883KaydenceK314English“Rhythm” or “cadence”
885LuisaL314SpanishFeminine form of “Luis,” meaning “famous warrior”
886WhitleyW314English“White clearing” or “from the white meadow”
887BaileeB312English“Steward” or “bailiff”
888CynthiaC312Greek“From Mount Cynthus” or “moon”
889KarterK312English“Cart driver” or “carrier”
890LiviaL312Latin“Blue” or “envious”
891AubrieA311French“Elf ruler” or “fair ruler”
892VedaV311Sanskrit“Knowledge” or “sacred knowledge”
893JaniyahJ310Arabic“God is gracious”
894SalmaS310Arabic“Safe” or “peaceful”
896AubrielleA309FrenchCombination of “Aubrey” and “Elle,” meaning “elf ruler” and “she”
897BexleyB309English“Clearing where box trees grow”
898GianaG309Italian“God is gracious”
899KeylaK309Spanish“Beautiful” or “slender”
900KatelynK307AmericanVariant of “Caitlin,” meaning “pure” or “innocent”
901SaoirseS307Irish“Freedom” or “liberty”
902SariahS306Hebrew“Princess” or “princess of the Lord”
903AraceliA305Spanish“Altar of the sky” or “heavenly altar”
904ArtemisA304Greek“Goddess of the hunt” or “safe”
905AveriA304EnglishVariant of “Avery,” meaning “ruler of the elves”
906YasminY304Persian“Jasmine flower” or “fragrant flower”
907KaiyaK303Japanese“Forgiveness” or “willow tree”
908EmberlynnE301AmericanCombination of “Ember” and “Lynn,” meaning “burning fire” and “waterfall”
909AmarisA300Hebrew“Given by God” or “promised by God”
910SapphireS300English“Sapphire” or “blue gemstone”
911KallieK299Greek“Beautiful” or “lovely”
912ShayS299Irish“Hawk” or “noble”
913GuinevereG298Welsh“White phantom” or “white shadow”
914LilyanaL297EnglishCombination of “Lily” and “Anna,” meaning “lily” and “grace”
915MagdalenaM297Greek“From Magdala” or “high tower”
916TinsleyT297English“Tynni’s meadow” or “clearing with a defensive wall”
917ZainabZ297Arabic“Fragrant flower” or “beauty”
918DeborahD296Hebrew“Bee” or “busy one”
920LaylahL292Arabic“Night” or “dark beauty”
921LayneL292English“Path” or “road”
922ScottieS292Scottish“From Scotland” or “Scotsman”
923CarlaC291German“Free woman” or “strong”
924ChandlerC291English“Candle maker” or “maker of candles”
925RosalinaR291Spanish“Pretty rose” or “beautiful rose”
926KairiK290Japanese“Sea” or “ocean village”
927LaurynL290EnglishVariant of “Lauren,” meaning “laurel” or “sweet of honor”
928NyomiN290Hebrew“Pleasant” or “delightful”
929RainaR290Sanskrit“Queen” or “noble”
930AubriellaA289AmericanCombination of “Aubrey” and “Ella,” meaning “elf ruler” and “light”
931EliaE289Hebrew“God is Yahweh” or “the Lord is my God”
932LenoraL289Greek“Light” or “torch”
933LisaL289Hebrew“God is my oath”
934NoriN289Japanese“Belief” or “rule”
935TiffanyT289Greek“Appearance of God” or “revelation of God”
936GiovannaG288Italian“God is gracious”
937JaylahJ288Arabic“God is my strength”
938RosalynR288EnglishVariant of “Rosalind,” meaning “pretty rose”
939ChanelC287French“Pipe” or “channel”
940MaddieM287EnglishDiminutive of “Madeline” or “Margaret,” meaning “tower” or “pearl”
941AvahA286Hebrew“Breath” or “life”
942LeannaL286EnglishCombination of “Leah” and “Anna,” meaning “weary” and “grace”
943LuzL286Spanish“Light” or “illumination”
944AddilynnA285English“Noble and beautiful”
945BryleeB285English“Meadow of the king”
946CaseyC285Irish“Brave” or “vigilant”
947LaylaniL284Hawaiian“Night song”
948TruT284English“Loyal” or “true”
949BillieB283EnglishDiminutive of “Wilhelmina” or “William,” meaning “resolute protector”
950LottieL283EnglishDiminutive of “Charlotte,” meaning “free man” or “petite”
951AliannaA282Hebrew“God is my light”
952MeilaniM282Hawaiian“Graceful flower”
953LexieL281Greek“Defender” or “helper”
954NathaliaN281LatinVariant of “Natalia,” meaning “birthday” or “Christmas Day”
955AvalynnA279AmericanCombination of “Ava” and “Lynn,” meaning “life” and “waterfall”
957PalomaP279Spanish“Dove” or “pigeon”
958RosaleeR278EnglishCombination of “Rose” and “Lee,” meaning “rose” and “meadow”
959RebekahR277Hebrew“To tie” or “to bind”
960SimoneS277Hebrew“Heard” or “listening”
961EgyptE276English“From Egypt” or “land of the Nile”
962ScarletteS276EnglishVariant of “Scarlet,” meaning “bright red” or “scarlet cloth”
964AlaiyaA274Hawaiian“Night song”
965HadleighH274English“Heather meadow” or “heather clearing”
966InayaI273Arabic“Concern” or “care”
968LakelynnL273English“Lake of the linden tree”
969NyraN273Sanskrit“Beauty” or “delicate”
970PrincessP273English“Princess” or “royal daughter”
972VidaV273Spanish“Life” or “lively”
973ElisabethE272Hebrew“God is my oath”
974IndiaI272English“From India” or “river”
975RyannR272Irish“Little king” or “little ruler”
976BarbaraB271Greek“Foreign woman” or “stranger”
977BelleB271French“Beautiful” or “beauty”
978SaanviS270Sanskrit“Goddess Lakshmi” or “one who brings good fortune”
980WinonaW269Native American“Firstborn daughter” or “firstborn”
981AadhyaA268Sanskrit“First power” or “the beginning”
982IndigoI268English“Deep blue-purple color”
983LakelynL268English“Lake of the linden tree”
984PaolaP268Italian“Small” or “humble”
985EmmelineE266German“Work” or “universal”
986JoyceJ266English“Joy” or “cheerfulness”
987KamilahK266Arabic“Perfect” or “complete”
989RylanR266English“Island meadow” or “rye land”
990SoleilS266French“Sun” or “sunshine”
991AinhoaA265Basque“Reference to the Virgin Mary”
993NeriahN264Hebrew“Lamp of God” or “light of God”
994ElsaE262German“Pledged to God”
995EmilianaE262Italian“Rival” or “emulating”
996LuellaL262EnglishCombination of “Louise” and “Ella,” meaning “famous warrior” and “light”
997NancyN262Hebrew“Grace” or “favor”
998CieloC261Spanish“Sky” or “heaven”
999MadalynM261EnglishVariant of “Madeline,” meaning “tower” or “pearl”
1000KahlaniK260Hawaiian“Sea” or “the heavens”
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