America’s Growing Challenge with Gun Violence


Back in 1949, retired U.S. Army veteran Howard Unruh unleashed a hail of bullets in his Camden, New Jersey neighborhood, claiming the lives of 13 people, including a 2-year-old baby and two more kids under the age of 10.

Since that tragic incident, the United States has witnessed a staggering total of 33 mass shootings that caused at least 10 fatalities (excluding the perpetrators). What’s particularly alarming is that half of these horrifying events occurred within the past decade.

Table: Mass Shootings with a Minimum of 10 Fatalities

Las Vegas shooting 拉斯维加斯枪击事件2017Nevada内华达 Paradise60867
Orlando nightclub shooting 奥兰多夜总会枪击事件2016Florida佛罗里达 Orlando4958
Virginia Tech shooting 弗吉尼亚理工大学枪击事件2007Virginia弗吉尼亚 Blacksburg3223
Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting 桑迪胡克小学枪击事件2012Connecticut康涅狄格 Newtown272
Sutherland Springs church shooting 瑟瑟兰斯普林斯教堂枪击事件2017Texas德州 Sutherland Springs2622
Luby’s shooting 卢比枪击事件1991Texas德州 Killeen2327
El Paso Walmart shooting 埃尔帕索沃尔玛枪击事件2019Texas德州 El Paso2323
San Ysidro McDonald’s massacre 圣伊西德罗麦当劳大屠杀1984California加州 San Diego2219
Robb Elementary School shooting 罗布小学枪击事件2022Texas德州 Uvalde2118
University of Texas tower shooting 德克萨斯大学塔楼枪击事件1966Texas德州 Austin1731
Parkland high school shooting 帕克兰高中枪击事件2018Florida佛罗里达 Parkland1717
Lewiston shootings 卢伊斯顿枪击事件2023Maine缅因 Lewiston1850
Edmond post office shooting 埃德蒙邮局枪击事件1986Oklahoma俄克拉荷马 Edmond146
Fort Hood shooting 胡德堡枪击事件2009Texas德州 Killeen1432
San Bernardino attack 圣贝纳迪诺袭击2015California加州 San Bernardino1424
Camden shootings 卡姆登枪击事件1949New Jersey新泽西 Camden133
Wilkes-Barre shootings 威尔克斯-巴里枪击事件1982Pennsylvania宾州 Wilkes-Barre131
Wah Mee massacre 华美大屠杀1983Washington华盛顿 Seattle131
Columbine High School massacre 哥伦拜恩高中大屠杀1999Colorado科罗拉多 Columbine1324
Binghamton shooting 宾汉姆顿枪击事件2009New York纽约 Binghamton134
Aurora theater shooting 奥罗拉电影院枪击事件2012Colorado科罗拉多 Aurora1270
Washington Navy Yard shooting 华盛顿海军造船厂枪击事件2013D.C.DC Washington128
Thousand Oaks shooting 千橡枪击事件2018California加州 Thousand Oaks1216
Virginia Beach shooting 弗吉尼亚滩枪击事件2019Virginia弗吉尼亚 Virginia Beach124
Easter Sunday Massacre 复活节星期天大屠杀1975Ohio俄亥俄 Hamilton110
Jacksonville shooting 杰克逊维尔枪击事件1990Florida佛罗里达 Jacksonville116
Pittsburgh synagogue shooting 匹兹堡犹太教堂枪击事件2018Pennsylvania宾州 Pittsburgh116
Monterey Park shooting 蒙特利帕克枪击事件2023California加州 Monterey Park119
Palm Sunday massacre 棕榈星期天大屠杀1984New York纽约 Brooklyn100
Geneva County shootings 杰内瓦县枪击事件2009Alabama阿拉巴马 Geneva County106
Santa Fe High School shooting 圣菲高中枪击事件2018Texas德州 Santa Fe1013
Boulder shooting 博尔德枪击事件2021Colorado科罗拉多 Boulder101
Buffalo supermarket shooting 布法罗超市枪击事件2022New York纽约 Buffalo103

Among these 33 horrifying crimes, Texas saw 7, California 4, while Florida, Colorado, and New York each experienced 3.

However, the most devastating incident unfolded in Las Vegas, Nevada, when a 64-year-old Stephen Paddock unleashed a barrage of gunfire upon a crowd attending a music festival from his 32nd-floor hotel suite. This horrifying act claimed the lives of 60 individuals, with over 800 others sustaining injuries.

The Gun Violence Archive maintains a broader record of mass shootings, documenting over 560 incidents from January to October 2023 alone. This translates to an astonishing average of approximately 1.9 mass shootings per day.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has compiled data on Firearm Mortality by State, spanning from 2005 to 2021, the latest available year. During this period, gun-related deaths steadily increased each year, rising from 30,540 in 2005 to a staggering 48,645 in 2021—an alarming 59% surge.

For the year 2021, the most recent data available, Texas recorded 4,614 deaths caused by firearms, followed by California with 3,576 and Florida with 3,142. Georgia ranked fourth with 2,200 deaths, and Illinois came in fifth with 1,995.

However, when assessing the severity of this issue based on gun-related death rates, none of these states make it into the top 10 list.

Mississippi claims the highest gun-related death rate, with 962 deaths in 2021, despite having a population of roughly 2.9 million. This translates to a staggering 33.9 gun-related deaths per 100,000 people. Following closely behind are Louisiana at 29.1, New Mexico at 27.8, Alabama at 26.4, and Wyoming at 26.1.

Table: Gun-Related Deaths and Death Rates in 2021

StateDeathDeath Rate
Alabama AL1,31526.4
Alaska AK18225.2
Arizona AZ1,36518.3
Arkansas AR69823.3
California CA3,5769.0
Colorado CO1,06417.8
Connecticut CT2486.7
Delaware DE15816.6
Florida FL3,14214.1
Georgia GA2,20020.3
Hawaii HI714.8
Idaho ID30916.3
Illinois IL1,99516.1
Indiana IN1,25118.4
Iowa IA36411.2
Kansas KS50317.3
Kentucky KY94721.1
Louisiana LA1,31429.1
Maine ME17812.6
Maryland MD91515.2
Massachusetts MA2473.4
Michigan MI1,54415.4
Minnesota MN57310.0
Mississippi MS96233.9
Missouri MO1,41423.2
Montana MT28025.1
Nebraska NE20010.3
Nevada NV63319.8
New Hampshire NH1238.3
New Jersey NJ4755.2
New Mexico NM57827.8
New York NY1,0785.4
North Carolina NC1,83917.3
North Dakota ND12816.8
Ohio OH1,91116.5
Oklahoma OK83621.2
Oregon OR67014.9
Pennsylvania PA1,90514.8
Rhode Island RI645.6
South Carolina SC1,13622.4
South Dakota SD12814.3
Tennessee TN1,56922.8
Texas TX4,61315.6
Utah UT45013.9
Vermont VT8311.9
Virginia VA1,24814.3
Washington WA89611.2
West Virginia WV31917.3
Wisconsin WI79313.5
Wyoming WY15526.1

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