Convert Your Photos into Mesmerizing 3D Images with LeiaPix Converter

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LeiaPix Converter is an innovative online tool that effortlessly transforms your 2D photos into captivating 3D light field images.

LeiaPix Converter
Image Improvement

[ait-name]LeiaPix Converter
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[ait-desc] Convert 2D photo to 3D light field images

I have produced below photograph using Midjourney, showcasing a senior gentleman strolling along a road in the countryside, accompanied by his dog.

Upon uploading it to LeiaPix Converter, the image is automatically converted into a 3D format, as displayed below. You have the option to modify various settings, such as animation style (default: horizontal; other options include: wide circle, circle, tall circle, vertical, perspective), focus point, edge dilation, and more.

Additionally, you can save the file in formats like GIF, MP4, LIF, SBS, Depth Map, or Facebook 3D file.


The provided GIF, sourced from GIPHY, appears quite blurry. However, the downloaded MP4 version is 1024 x 574 pixels and offers better clarity, making it suitable for sharing on social media platforms.

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