Get Your Clear Teeth Braces for Free (and Earn $30!)

If you (or your child) ever want to try out clear teeth braces, now is the best time: you can not only get a Byte Invisible Aligner for free, but actually earn $30! Here is how:

  • TopCashBack, a rebates service, offers $45 cash back for making an online purchase at Byte. It appears to be a flat rate offer, without requiring how much you need to spend.
TopCashBack is offering $45 cashback for online purchase at Byte
  • Meanwhile, Byte is having a big promotion of its “Impression Kit” to win new customers, which is now discounted at $14.95 (original price $95).
Byte is discounting its Impression Kit at $14.95

In short, after you spend $14.95, get an invisible aligner from Byte, you will get $45 cash back from TopCashBack. Even if you (or your child) end up not liking the teeth aligner, you essentially get it for free & earn an extra $30! Can’t find a better time to try it out!

If you haven’t already:

  1. Sign up at TopCashBack. No sign up bonus, unfortunately; but their cash back rate has been consistently among the highest in the online rebates industry.
  2. Go to TopCashBack’s Byte page (search “Byte,” or click here).
  3. Shop via “Get Cashback Now.”
  4. Order your “Impression Kit” for $14.95.
  5. Enjoy your $45 cashback at TopCashBack!
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