Create, Train and Talk with Your Own AI Chatbots is a chatbot platform powered AI language models, available on web, and as Android, and iOS mobile apps. Users can create and train their own chatbots, giving them a distinct "character" with their own personality. You can set it up to chat exclusively with yourself or allow it to chat with other users. In addition to your own chatbots, you can also engage in conversations with official and user-created public chatbots, such as celebrities like Elon Musk, politicians like Trump and Biden, various game, virtual, mythical, and religious "characters," and more.

Entertainment, Productivity
Freemium was founded by Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas, former developers of Google's LaMDA, and was publicly released for beta testing in September 2022 (they are still in beta, as of this writing). It is currently available for free, but they have recently introduced a premium version for $9.99/month, which offers faster response times and shorter wait times during conversations.

User Average can be used for entertainment, content creation, knowledge acquisition, productivity enhancement, and more:

  • Create Your Own Character: You can create your own character or choose from a library of preset characters.
  • Chat with Characters: You can engage in real-time conversations with your character.
  • Generate Text: You can generate text from your character, such as stories, poems, and scripts.
  • Learn with Characters: You can utilize characters to learn about different topics.
  • Unleash Creativity with Characters: You can use characters for creative purposes, such as writing emails, taking notes, and scheduling appointments.

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