2021 Best Mini Fridges Under (or Around) $200

When I was a college student, sharing the big refrigerator in the common area was always a headache to me. Spoiled food was left there forever, or someone took your food without permission. Yuck! I should have invested in a mini fridge back then! A mini fridge can be a good help when you have limited space, such as college dormitories, small apartments or RV. You can put one in your office to store lunch or even breast milk, if you are a new mom. Here are 5 mini fridges that have a decent capacity, and they are quite affordable too.

Things To Consider Before You Make A Purchase

  • Know your college rules. Or office regulations. Make sure you know what is allowed and what is not.
  • Measure your space. Mini fridges come in different capacities, hence various sizes. Think of where you want to put it. Measure your space before you purchase one.
  • Be prepared for some sort of noise. Unless we are in an empty universe, the mini fridge does produce some noise while in operation. But it should not be too loud to bother you.
  • Invest in a quality product. You probably will use it for years, till you graduate or move out. A quality product not only serves you well, it could earn some dollars back if you choose to pass onto someone else.

For Beer Lovers: Frigidaire 3.2 Cu Ft Bar Fridge

Frigidaire 3.2 Cu Ft Bar Fridge | Black
3,900 Reviews
$208.50 at Amazon
More colors available. Also at Home Depot.
  • Only around $140, you’ll have this retro style mini fridge with 6 colors to choose from.
  • 3 cu.ft. refrigerator capacity. 0.2 cu.ft. freezer capacity.
  • Compact size allows for placement of this refrigerator virtually anywhere as long as there is an electrical outlet.
  • Opening bottles is a breeze with a built-in side bottle opener.
  • 2 Slide out adjustable spill proof glass shelves allow you to personalize your food storage to meet your unique needs.
  • Ice cube tray is included to make ice any time.

Purchased this for our screened in porch. Have had it for about a year, still works great! Fits lots of drinks, also so cute! It’s not advertised as an outdoor fridge but it’s still working great through our HOTTTT southern summer!

Wide Color Selection: RCA 3.2 Cu Ft Mini Fridge

RCA 3.2 Cu Ft Mini Fridge | Stainless
14,401 Reviews
$289.99 $201.93 at Amazon
More colors available. Also at Home Depot.
  • 2 in 1: Refrigerator and Freezer combines contemporary style with cutting-edge refrigeration technology.
  • Compact multi-purpose mini fridge with a reversible door that makes it easy to fit into any spot of your room, office or dorm.
  • Compressor Cooling for ultimate performance even in hot weather.
  • Adjustable Thermostat and Adjustable lever.
  • Fridge dimensions: 17-1/2」 D x 18.5/8」 W x 31.5/8」 H | 84 L – 3.2 cu. Ft. inner space | Product weight: 50.7 lbs. | Freezer capacity: 0.2 cu. Ft. | Refrigerant type: R134a, 1.77 Oz/50g
  • A low-energy consumption compressor that can cool food quickly using lower energy.

We’ve only had this little fridge for a few weeks but it’s worked perfectly from the day we received it. Keeps our food cold (although we use it mostly for drinks) and it has a small freezer compartment with room for an ice tray… and, yes, it even freezes water into ice cubes.

Best Double Door: Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator

Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator | Black
5,000 Reviews
$319.57 at Amazon
Regularly sells around $200 but sometimes higher
  • The easily adjustable thermostat allows you to keep your chilled goods at their optimum temperature from 33.8℉-50.0℉ (1℃-10℃) for the fridge part and -11.2F to 10.4F (-24℃ to -12℃) for the freezer part.
  • The Reversible door can be installed to open either left or right, allowing you to make the most of your space / easy to fit in any spot of your room. Two adjustable front legs can stabilize your refrigerator at different heights.
  • Using low energy high power LED lights, the refrigerator illuminates your food so you can immediately sense the freshness.
  • The refrigerator has two removable glass shelves and one transparent drawer, allowing you to manage its space easily to include larger or odd-shaped items.
  • Refrigerator capacity: 2.18 cu.ft; Freezer capacity: 0.92 cu.ft.
  • The refrigerator is equipped with an advanced compressor which has an energy star rating, meaning your refrigerator runs both quietly and efficiently.
  • This refrigerator is not frost free. But you will very rarely have to defrost it. It is very slow to build up frost. As small as it is, it will be very easy to defrost every few months.

We live in Ohio and have been experiencing 95% humidity all summer. I bought this fridge for my barn tackroom and it, so far, has been working like a champ. The crisper drawer will actually hold 5lbs each of apples and carrots which is amazing. It makes ice quickly and I am thrilled with its performance!

Best Retro Style: Comfee 3.3 Cu Ft Solo Series

Comfee 3.3 Cu Ft Solo Series | Red
465 Reviews
$199.00 at Amazon
Also comes in black
  • Retro Design – Comfee Solo Series refrigerator features a sleek retro design with a classic handle and modern technology including a R600a energy efficient compressor to cool food faster with less energy.
  • The refrigerator has a chiller zone (not freezer) whose temperature is close to 32℉ (0℃) (it cannot frost ice or store ice-cream). It is convenient to put something that needs to be cooled down rapidly.
  • Use the Interior Control Dial to customize your temperature based on your needs. Choose between cooling settings which range from 33.8℉ to 50℉.
  • The two front legs are adjustable so you enjoy a level refrigerator in your garage, basement, dorm room, apartment and more.
  • The 3.3 cubic feet refrigerator has 3 glass removable shelves, and it is convenient if you need to put larger and irregular items by removing shelves. The 2L-rack on the door can hold two 2L bottles.
  • Self-closing Hinge Door – Equipped with an auto close door hinge when the door is left within 110 degrees to help you save energy and keep the cool air in. Tip: Use your hand to ensure the door is fully closed.
  • HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) Interior Material – The inside of the refrigerator is composed of a healthy HIPS material, a food-grade environmental material, which can keep your food fresher for longer.
  • One Year Warranty – Come with 1-year Gold Warranty for parts and labors, 2 years with compressor parts.

Supposedly it takes 24hours for it to get cold enough but it was probably only 6 hours. It’s spacious and freaking adorable. I only wish there were more color options but it looks retro and cool in black. Love it.

Auto Defrost: TECCPO 4.5 Cu Ft Fridge with Freezer

TECCPO 4.5 Cu Ft Mini Fridge
748 Reviews
N/A at Amazon
  • The size of this small refrigerator is 20.86″(D)20.59(W)”32.48(H)”, offering a generous capacity of 4.5 cu.ft.
  • Forget about defrosting as this small fridge has an easy one-button defrosting operation. One simple press of the defrost button, the defrost process will take part and end automatically.
  • 6 settings Adjustable Thermostat Control ranges from 23 – 50 degree Fahrenheit.
  • A reversible door makes this small fridge from its right hand side or left hand side according to your liking, specially designed for tight spaces.
  • There are two wheels at the bottom of the small refrigerator, which makes it more convenient to move around.
  • 3 removable tempered glass shelves and a crisper drawer. The mini refrigerator glass shelf can be removed or adjusted if you want to organize taller things. You can adjust it according to your needs to provide you with enough space for improvement.
  • The noise level of this small refrigerator is as low as 37 dB when working, close to the noise level of whispering.
  • It consumes only 0.6 kWh electricity per day.

Multiple shelves with adjustability, a freezer that looks small but holds more than you think and even a crisper drawer. It is also wide enough to fit your average take out and leftovers. It stays cold, keeps things frozen and the light is a great bonus as well.

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